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Our Products EcoLogic is both Australian-made ranges of organic cleaning products that are natural (plant-based), chemical-free, biodegradable, certified organic and not tested on animals, with no animal ingredients, artificial colours or fragrances.

EcoLogic offers an extremely effective organic cleaning range with well working organic product formulations with great natural smelling aromas. They are useful, gentle alternatives for sensitive skin and also keep in mind our environment.

All of our products clearly disclose our natural, non-toxic ingredients on the label. Our products are locally refillable, thus minimizing the further congestion of our already overcrowded landfills. We buy in bulk, the largest size available to us. What containers we do exhaust in making our cleaning products are recycled and reused in another form. (such as storage)Our products are of the highest quality. They are well researched to insure their safety, and effective levels. Although our products are non-toxic, as with any cleaning product, please keep out of reach of children and pets.

As professional carpet cleaners & upholstery cleaners to revitalised the look of your home and office we use the Hot Water Extraction process(Steam Cleaning for Carpet) for a deep clean, safely and quickly. This system is fully controllable with regards to heat and water flow, so even the most treasured delicate rugs and carpet textures can be safely cleaned. This is the only way to remove dirt spots, chemicals, stains and allergens from the carpet.

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