Blinds & Curtain Cleaners Sydney

Carpet Cleaning Sydney provides industry’s best blinds and curtain cleaning services. We will come to your home or office, collect all the curtains. After cleaning the blinds and curtains, we will rehang them. One of the best ways to clean curtains is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning removes all the dust, allergen and dirt accumulated in the curtains.

Blinds and Curtain cleaning is recommended for every 2 years, in order to extend their life. If curtains are not cleaned for a long time, then it is very difficult to remove the dirt and eventually damages the fabric. Our experience and skills enable us to clean stale, offensive and dirty curtains without damaging the fabric. Our curtain cleaning service includes cleaning of curtains, swags, tails and pelmets on-site. We also provide on-site cleaning service. With this, no need of taking down the curtains, we will clean them as they hang on.

Benefits of our curtain cleaning service.

  • No need of taking them down and re-hang them.
  • Pre-testing your curtains to check whether they are safe for cleaning.
  • Before cleaning, curtains are vacuumed with our special cleaning tools.
  • Gently handling to ensure no damage is caused to the fabric.
  • Special cleaning solutions and solvents to eliminate the risk of color changes or color blendings.
  • After cleaning is complete, resetting of drapes to ensure curtains look as brand new.
  • Application of stain protectors, to keep the curtains cleaner for a longer time.
  • After cleaning curtains will be free from stains, pollutants, dust, dirt, stains and odours.

Want blinds and curtain cleaning specialist in Sydney, then it is time to call Carpet Cleaning Sydney. You can reach us on 0404 076 286. We will be glad to assist you…

Blinds & Curtain Cleaners Sydney Blinds & Curtain Cleaning Services Sydney

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